Dryuary Day 8: Two Sleeps/Systems Check When I joined MM in June of 2010, I was just looking for a good night’s sleep. Daily heavy drinking had wrecked my sleep […]

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  1. Physical:
    Head: Good. Clear-minded this morning. No muddles.
    Eyes: White whites. There’s a spark there.
    Complexion: Clear. No redness or puffiness. Some dark circles but thos might be permanent
    Heart: Steady.
    Tummy: Grumbling for too much junk food but otherwise good.
    Skeleto-Muscular System: Any muscle aches or injuries? No aches and pains. I have been experiencing back aches at the end of my daily walks which just tells me I’m out of shape.
    Sleep: Good for the last 2 nights. Have not had to wake up and put the ear plugs in to listen to an audible book.
    Energy: Very good.
    Anxiety: Minimal
    Outlook: Positive and optimistic

    Right now, I’m in a much brighter place than just a week ago at this time. Sometimes it can be discouraging to hear that others are feeling the positive effects if you’re not. I’ve been at this moderation/abstinence thing for many years and since I no longer drink as much as I once did and I get regular abs days in, my body, mind and spirit rebound quicker than they did when I first joined MM. I hope that part is encouraging for you.

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