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  1. When I think about never drinking again, I feel a bit sad because I enjoy new foods and drinks, especially cocktails. For the same reason, never drinking again is not my goal. My goal is moderation when I do drink, and reducing the days that i drink. I don’t drink every day, but too often when I do drink, I over-drink. So, again, moderation is my goal.

  2. I truly think I want to totally quit. Moderating is very hard for me and I think I am orienteering toward the idea of total abstinance for I hope a year to reconsider then revonsider.

    So far my dryuary has been a very dampuary but I hoping to get some ABS days in.

    • I don’t think I could ever turn my dry January into a forever thing. I feel I would miss out on the quick beer after a game of tennis, a night out with friends etc. what I wanted to achieve was break the habit of alcohol being part of every day – I wanted to prove you don’t need it just to sit and watch TV in the evening. I also wanted to prove to myself that I can stop when I want to as I have 2 alcoholic siblings.

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