Day 4: What Is Your WHY?

“When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” — Unknown


A few weeks ago, in preparation for writing this post, I asked members of the Moderation Management Private Facebook what their motivation was for taking a month off from drinking. Here’s what they had to say:


“Dryuary: Reset, Rejuvenate, Reflect.” (this has become the slogan on our Dryuary swag available here!)


“I think January works well for a lot of people, including me, because it feels like a fresh start! Another perk to staying dry is that you are much more likely to keep any other resolutions you might make and your motivation is already skyrocketing. It also gives a purpose/something to focus on during what can sometimes be a dreary, slow month after the holidays are over.”


“Nightly drinking (and periodic binges) were becoming a habit. A dry month may help me break that cycle and learn new habits.”


“While I can moderate more than I used to, I’m still an almost daily drinker, so I need the reset.”


“Personally, I am trying to lose weight and I’m hoping that abstaining from alcohol will also help me to not overeat.”


“I needed to break the habit. I knew that for me, the attachment was less biological and more psychological. The first few days were rough but now that it’s not a habit, I feel like I can do without… I’ll probably do a dryuary anytime I feel like the habit is starting to take over again.”


“I did three months one summer, I had a dissertation to write and I was training for my first 10k, both went well, so maybe the abstinence helped!”


 “ One-month abs[tinence] periods help me to see the benefits of drinking less and not drinking at all. It sort of keeps my mind clear and re-centers me on the realities of my old drinking habits and the benefits of the new habits I am making.”


“ My motivations: 1) Increase confidence in knowing that I can live happily without alcohol; 2) Decrease times when I do or say things that I regret because of alcohol use; 3) Lose weight; 4) Sleep better; 5) Wake up feeling awesome; 6) Decrease cognitive dissonance.”


“I like the opportunity to reset my ‘relationship’ with alcohol. It’s almost a personal test for me to see how I experience different things without the crutch of alcohol.”


“For me: Break the cycle and get back to ‘me’ (who is she?), Reset (too high of a tolerance), save my marriage, show myself that I can handle stress, socialize without alcohol, lose weight, feel better, choose life over numbness, learn to self-love… I do miss wine but want to have a healthy relationship with it.”


So many powerful reasons to take a break from alcohol and get back to what is important in our lives! Our daily posts will explore all of these benefits and more, keeping you focused on your goals for this month. What is YOUR motivation for Dryuary 2021? Join the conversation on our Facebook group or in the Dryuary Forum!



Post Submitted By: Andrea P.

Andrea P. is Moderation Management’s Special Programs Coordinator and member of the Dryuary 2021 organizing committee.