Day 3: Live Before You Die

“Circumstances are beyond the control of man; but his conduct is in his own power.”
– Benjamin Disraeli

A few weeks ago, I suddenly realized that Thanksgiving was upon us. This meant to me that that the year 2019 was dangerously close to drawing to a close. As I gave thanks to all of the important things in my life (friends, family, health, love and acceptance, etc.), I also remembered that it was time for my own personal “check-in.” A feature that is found in many support groups, the check-in is a regular opportunity for a participant to share with others anything important that’s been going on in their life. But instead of just looking back at the last week or two, I see this personal “check-in” as the point in the year where I look back on where I’ve gone, where I am now, and where I am headed.

With Dryuary here, the most important basic question that comes up for a lot of us is are we going to do it in the first place? Then will we keep at it for the month? Basically, “to drink or not to drink?” That is the question.

This is not always an easy question, and the answer is different for each one of us. And sometimes the answer isn’t even a simple “yes” or “no”. Maybe the answer for one person is “I’m ready for a change – let’s do this month of Dryuary!” while another person’s answer is a more reserved “Maybe I’ll just try it and see how it goes.” The great news, I say, is: there is no right answer here.

Abstaining for a 30 (Dryuary or otherwise) might be compared to riding a horse. It may come easier for some of us than others, but persistence can pay off. If the horse throws you, dust yourself off and come back for more. There’s no judgement here and any amount of progress during Dryuary should be celebrated.

We hope you come and join us in abstaining for the month, and we wish you great success. If you’re not ready to join us for the whole month, or if things don’t go as planned, that’s fine too. Come as you are and join us for what you can, when you can. If you need some inspiration now or in the future, feel free to check out the content from the past years of Dryuary as well.

Post Submitted By: Marc Moderation


  1. Back for this years Dryuary…thank goodness! This Fall I got off the Moderation track – so this is exactly what I need to get clear and get back on. I so appreciate the inspiration – gratifying to see some familiar names from last year!!

  2. Love the video! It’s a Dryuary post all by itself but Marc’s message is so important. We can’t let fear of failing keep us from trying! We’ll never know what we’re capable of if we do that.

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