Day 17: My Moderation Evolution

“If you opt for a safe life, you will never know what it’s like to win.” 
– Sir Richard Branson, Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life

“Grow. Evolve. Step out of your comfort zone”

This is my fifth Dryuary, and yet, when friends and family ask me why I’m doing it, I still don’t have a nice, pat answer. Do any of these sounds familiar?

  1. “Are you trying to lose weight?” Well, not really. I mean, it would be a nice by-product to drop a few pounds, but I have never experienced weight loss as a result of Dryuary.
  2. “Are you sick/pregnant/on medication?” Nope. Although, those are very valid reasons to not quit, it’s not my situation.
  3. “Did you get a DUI?” No. Even when I do drink, I would never have more than 2 drinks if I were driving. There are too many better ways to get around – public transportation, cabs, ride shares.
  4. “Are you ever going to drink again?” Ahhhh….there it is. The question I dread. I generally answer this one with “Yeah, probably” But thing is, every year during Dryuary I wonder to myself, “Will I ever drink again? And if so, why? Why AM I doing Dryuary anyway?“

This month, I’m allowing myself to entertain the idea of going really, really moderate in my drinking after the month ends. What that might look like I haven’t quite figured out. Having done pretty well with moderation in 2019, I’m finally ready to really consider the role alcohol plays in my life, and I’m ready for it to be less. Definitely not a star, not even a supporting actor – maybe part of the ensemble? I want alcohol to be a small, yet enjoyable part of life, but the “small” part is pretty open to interpretation. And this January, I’m deciding what that might look like for me.

This isn’t something I’ve done during past Dryuaries. In the past, I’ve been happy to just get through the month one day at a time, thinking about the next time I’ll have a drink, what it would be, who I would enjoy it with. There was no end game, no big take away. One year, I even went over the 3 drink limit on February 1 which was disappointing to say the least. But this year, something is “clicking” – I want this time away from alcohol to mean something.

I’ve been a member of Moderation Management since 2014 – which is how I found Dryuary – and I consider myself a success story. Part of my story is that success with moderation can vary over time. I felt like a success when I was able to trike consistently. Then f’abs consistently. And in 2019, I added longer BTB streaks to my success story. As I enter 2020, I will redefine what my moderation success looks like. And now I know, and I can tell others, THAT is why I participate in Dryuary.  It’s the evolution of my moderation.

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  1. My true “friends” all know once January hits count me out for drinks! We played a round of golf the other day and there was no pressure to drink, I played well and even bought them drinks on the course. It felt great to be able to do what I love and not have a crutch like drinking to enjoy it. I played again this past Wednesday with clients and again no pressure to drink. I’m coming to the realization that no-one really cares if you drink or don’t, most of the time its our own mind that tortures us to believe otherwise. I participate in Dryuary to make sure alcohol does not have a grasp on my life and it is I who decides, to drink or not to drink.

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