Day 12: Why Moderation Management Hosts Dryuary

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
– African Proverb

Did you know that the host of is an organization, Moderation Management (MM), that provides support for those who are seeking support to reduce their drinking rather than abstain?

That’s right.

Now, that may lead to the question, “Why does an organization that supports reduced drinking instead of complete abstinence host a campaign that encourages people to quit drinking completely for the month of January?

Good question.

In fact, we ask ourselves that question often. Is Dryuary a good representation of MM as an organization?

Let’s do a check.

Dryuary is about starting the new year off in a healthier way. It is a reset for our body and mind, a time to clear out the attic and closets, so to speak. MM’s guidelines recommend that new members undergo a 30-day period of abstinence as soon as possible for the same reason.

Put a check in that box.

Some of the participants of Dryuary do so in the hopes that it will ignite a desire to maintain healthier drinking through the rest of the year. Some will even decide to keep abstaining after January because it feels right. It will feel so right to a few, they’ll decide to continue to abstain for the foreseeable future. This same phenomenon happens at MM. As a matter of fact, MM has a subgroup of members, MMabsers, who have chosen abstinence as their lifestyle permanently, or indefinitely.

Another check in that box.

Finally, Dryuary is a community. Anyone can choose to not drink in January on their own, and some can succeed on their own. But, for others, the awareness that they are not alone is vital to their success. Even if they never reach out to another participant for help or to give help. Even if they don’t join one of the MM Dryuary support communities, the public MM Dryuary Forum or the private Facebook Dryuary 2020! Event (open only to members of the MM Facebook Group), participants know they are traveling with a pack and the collective intention of a pack withstands adversity better than individual purpose. At MM, we have members that interact daily, sometimes several times a day, with other members, we have members who check in here and there or when they feel they need to, and we have members who never interact but receive support from the interaction among the rest of the pack. That’s OK, we’re all still members of the same pack.


At MM, we believe our members are the best source of knowledge for what’s best for them and what they are ready to commit to. We don’t set the agenda for their journey to reduced drinking, they do. Every January, we recognize that most of the participants of Dryuary have no intention of removing alcohol from their lives, that is not on their agenda and it is not on ours as we host Dryuary. We also know that some participants have no intention of changing their drinking pattern at all following this month, so that’s not on our agenda either. But, for those who do want to change their drinking pattern for the long haul and believe that the support of a group would be beneficial, a group without a set agenda, MM is here for the other eleven months of the year.

Ok. Really? The big reason MM hosts Dryuary every year? The big reason is because our members at MM have come to look forward to it. Although, as stated earlier in this post, we have groups of members undergoing 30 days of abstinence any given month all year long, for some reason, Dryuary has become the one time every year a larger group of us participate. It’s kind of like a family reunion where even members we haven’t seen for a while show up to eat the potato salad and baked beans. We’re not an exclusive family though, we invite everyone to grab a plate and scoop up some beans!

Is MM the right organization to host Dryuary?

Check! Check!

Post Submitted By: Mary Reid aka Kary May Hickey
Mary Reid is the Executive Director of Moderation Management and the author of Neighbor Kary May’s Handbook To Happily Drinking Less or Not Drinking At All, Quite Happily: With the help of online recovery community