Dryuary is all about not drinking in January.
Join with others, share your strength,
take the Dryuary Challenge!


Dryuary represents a personal choice to take a step toward a healthier you.


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During the month of January, Dryuary subscribers receive encouraging messages each day to help you on your way to taking a month off from drinking. You’ll also receive inspirational quotes and YouTube links to strength-providing songs and videos.


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“MM’s Dryuary and supportive community format has been key in managing my drinking.” -Lynn D


“My husband and I have almost made it through our first Dryuary! We’ve saved a lot of money this month and have both lost weight! It definitely hasn’t been easy. There’ve been more than a few nights I came home from work wanting nothing more than a nice glass of wine to take the edge off.   It’s nice to know there are like-minded people out there who know where we’re coming from. Makes us feel like we’re not doing this alone.”   -Dryuary Participant 2020


“I feel some good changes have happened and that I have a start on making them permanent and will continue to improve on them. Feel like Dryuary helped me to feel “unstuck.” Have worked on getting things back into my life that are fun and alcohol free activities and friends.”  -Dryuary Participant 2020