Ready For The Rest Of 2019?

Remember, you don’t have to wait until January 1, 2020 to take a break from alcohol. You can do it anytime for however long you want. To help you recall the lessons and experiences here, MM has compiled all of these wonderful posts from our Dryuary 2019 contributors into the Dryuary 2019 Collection available in a kindle book on Amazon. (paperback in the very near future.) Proceeds from sales of the book will go to support Moderation Management and future Dryuary campaigns.

“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”
– Charles C. Noble

Ready for the rest of 2019?
A Farewell from the Administrators of Dryuary

It is our sincere hope that you have been able to learn from the Dryuary Challenge about yourself and your individual relationship with alcohol. All the staff of Dryuary, from the site administrators to the authors of each day’s post, have personal experience with alcohol and what we must face as human beings. With this annual event, we are doing our best to help others to avoid some of what we have learned to overcome.

Our lives are long and filled with changes. We are able to make our own choices on how we wish to live these lives. Developing reasonable healthy habits will benefit us now and into the future.

Thinking Ahead
We are already preparing for Dryuary 2020. You are all welcome to join us next year; we will be sending out invitations as the time approaches. Please consider making this an annual activity, and invite your family, friends, co-workers, and associates to join us for a Great Start to the New Year.

If you are not interested in receiving any further communications from us, please send a message to

Speaking for all the Administrators of Dryuary, we wish you well and only the best in the year ahead. May this experience prepare and strengthen you.

Additional Support
Should you need further help coming to terms with challenges related to alcohol, please consider examining the services of Moderation Management™, sponsor of Dryuary™. Our website is at

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