No Excuse Necessary! Buy A Dryuary 2019 Shirt

In other parts of the world, Alcohol-Free months such as Dry July or Oct-sober are used to raise funds for other charitable causes.  We decided that our Dryuary partipants can choose their own cause. If they want,  they can build their own team, and their shirts, in their team colors, can represent any cause they want!

No More Excuses, Just Darn Good Reasons Not To Drink For A Month!

Want to donate the money you save from not drinking this month to Make A Wish? We adore you!

Want to buy a family in an impoverished village a goat or a herd of goats? We applaud you!

Want to buy yourself a new pair of running shoes to contribute to your own well-being? You rock!

Want to use your extra money to rescue a puppy from the pound? Ahhh…

Buy a shirt, change the world!

Orders must be submitted before November 28, 2018! Here’s the links to the shirts!

Dryuary AFAF 2019 Shirts link:

And, for Sunday dinner with Mom:

A minimum order of 5 of each shirt is necessary to print. If minimum is not met, a full refund is issued. But we’re not worried, we’re going to start a fashion revolution! The Dryuary 2019 AFAF Shirt is going to print! We only need 3 more orders of the No Thanks I’m Dry-ving shirt!