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Day 8 And The Noble Eightfold Path

Inspirational Song of the Day: Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

This song is reminding you that you’re not a completed book, you’re still the metaphorical author writing your own life. Right now you might be in a pretty crappy chapter, but you might get to the good part soon. A change of your mood can help change the path of your story. This song reminds you to live life to the fullest and that your life is still up to you to guide it where you want it to go. There’s no need to give up when you can simply just rewrite your story, right?

“The tool the Buddhaholds out to free the mind from desire is understanding. Real renunciation is not a matter of compelling ourselves to give up things still inwardly cherished, but of changing our perspective on them so that they no longer bind us. When we understand the nature of desire, when we investigate it closely with keen attention, desire falls away by itself, without need for struggle.”

Bhikkhu Bodh

We all need inspiration, it’s like the wood in the campfire, the water in the lake that reflects the mountain, or the smell of the pies cooking in the kitchen. Inspiration is not the pie or the mountain or the fire, inspiration is the catalyst that bakes the pie and reflects the mountain and fuels the beautiful flames. To learn to drink moderately we need lots of inspiration. Nature provides me with inspiration. Find what gives you fuel, what pushes you to seek out your healing process, what prompts a new chapter in your book of life.

Buddhism holds that our suffering is mainly due to desire, to a craving thirst for satisfying the senses. On day eight of Dryuary let’s take a look at a guide to living in a way that can alleviate the suffering that human nature seems to bring on: the noble eightfold path:

  • right view
  • right resolve
  • right speech
  • right conduct
  • right livelihood
  • right effort
  • right mindfulness
  • and right “samadhi” (meditative absorption or union)

Take a moment to reflect on or write in a journal what each one of these could mean for you. What is the view that led you here to being in Dryuary? For me, Dryuary 2014, it was survival, I felt like I was jeopardizing not only my health but also my life. What kind of resolve is required for you to stay on the path for the whole month? What tools do you have ready to use if an urge comes up? Can you drink a glass of water and go for a walk to “talk yourself down” if an urge surfaces? Does right speech mean posting every day because that is the kind of communication that will keep you on course? Does it mean reading from Responsible Drinking and journaling for 15 minutes before bedtime and rereading each entry as the month progresses? Right conduct: well that one is simple: no drinking. period. But does it also mean not going to parties if they are usually where you would have difficulty saying no to a drink? Look at each one of these eight and find your personal definition of them as they relate to your dry month. Use them to give you the inspiration you need to stay true to your word. One week into the month of no drinking can be a slippery spot on the path. Keep you personal eightfold path notes handy in your wallet or purse in times of low resolve. And don’t forget SAMADHI as a tool, close your eyes and breathe, feel one with all of your Dryuary friends, feel calm and feel sure that you CAN abstain for 31 days.

You deserve it!

This post was contributed by Roberta