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Day 5 – Time For The Power Tools

“Many things which cannot be overcome when they are together yield themselves up when taken little by little“
– Plutarch

When I work on a project, I really enjoy working directly with my hands. There is a great deal of satisfaction in turning the perfect corner, attaching the ideal screw, and bashing a slab of steel into the correct shape with only my hands and a small tool. However, sometimes I have to get through the work faster than hand tools will allow. When I have to create something big and I cannot take forever to get it done, I go for the power tools and rip into the work.

Now, there are people I know who can take or leave alcohol. A drink is fun, but they do not feel that booze is absolutely required. They may have a drink or two at a party, and call it a night. I am not like that. Nothing about my response to alcohol is casual or unrehearsed – I know well where drinking without forethought and a plan will lead me. I need some serious power tools to get to the place I want to be with alcohol – and to have pleasant social experiences without unleashing my monster within.

So, for Dryuary, let’s see what Power Tools are in the toolkit:

We are going to a party! What will we drink? Not all hosts are thoughtful enough to provide an non-alcoholic beverage. (NA, pronounced “Nn – Aa.” Get used to it…) Sure, there is always water- but who wants to drink water all night? Plan ahead- if  you want to be certain there is an NA beverage at that party, consider bringing it yourself. And be warned- Sparkling Cider is quite popular; it may disappear immediately. People will slug down that Pom juice you brought to carefully mix with seltzer. Be sure you have made a good arrangement for yourself, one that will last the entire event.

What is your favorite Mocktail recipe? Don’t have one? Get one! There are some excellent NA beers available; your favorite beer stop will stock at least two or three. (I enjoy Clausthaler, myself.) Knowing how to take “bar stuff” and make an exciting NA drink out of it is a useful and practical skill.  A daiquiri can still be delicious, even without any booze in it. I enjoy V8 with tons of Tabasco; there is a kick and it makes you know you drank something! A splash of Pom juice, plain seltzer, and a twist of lime is fast becoming a holiday classic. Want something special? Check out this WIRED article on what can be available if you plan ahead. (It’s from the Dryuary Links page; there are other NA suggestions there.)

Are you worried about what other people will be thinking while you are not drinking? Just treat this as you would any other personal choice – None of their business! If they have an issue with you not drinking alcohol, who is the person with a problem? Besides, with a bright Mocktail in your hand they would be none the wiser- Everybody has a drink, right?

Do you miss the alcohol so much that it is hard to resist, even for one month out of the year? Perhaps if you looked at this time from a different perspective- Instead of taking a month to deny yourself something, you instead are using that time to build appreciation and understanding of how alcohol affects your life. You have an opportunity during Dryuary to see the effects of alcohol from the outside, as an observer instead of a participant.

Is the alcohol required for fun? Are you unable to be entertained without it? Think about that for a moment- Has it come to this? There is more to life than being buzzed all the time, and plenty of amusements that don’t involve drinking. As a matter of fact, many of them are not compatible with drinking- Try something new! Yes, I am aware that you have a lot of free time during Dryuary- Celebrate this freedom! Use the time to exercise, take walks, see new things. There is an entire world out there that does not expect you to be intoxicated. Learn to live in it.

Remember the goals of going out are to have a good time; to enjoy and appreciate the company you find, and to get home safe.

Keep the Power Tools handy – This month will fly by, and you will be in excellent shape with a great start to the New Year.

Post Submitted By: Kurt S., Dryuary Administrator