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Day 4 – Getting Through 31 Days Without Drinking

Here is how Melinda got through her 31 day break from drinking:

First things first. Sounds corny, but it made all the difference in my 31 days. I did it because “I said I would”. Yeah, I’ve made those promises to myself in the past, but always gave in to the “negotiator”. More on that later. But for now, I want to thank Dee for inviting me, and also for letting me know that I would not derail her efforts if I failed. That gave me the courage to try, and because I’m a person of my word, and I made a commitment to Dee, I followed through. Simple as that. Was it easy – hell no. It sucked at the beginning. But, I had company, and I wanted to succeed. For once I wasn’t scared of success. THANK YOU Dee, and to everyone here who joined us or cheered us on.

Some strategies I employed, in no particular order:

I got up early, 3 hours before I had to start work. During this time:

  • I logged into The Forum.
  • I journaled in a brand new journal I purchased specifically for my 31 days.
  • I tried the “Calm” App for meditation.
  • I increased my morning walking time from 20 minutes to 40+ minutes.
  • I started the “Ripped” DVD – doing it 3x a week with light weights.

I urge surfed:

  • I colored in my adult coloring book.I pulled out my beading supplies and re-learned how to do things. I made a bracelet (next up a tracking bracelet – more on that later).
  • I bought a SODUKU book and actually used it.
  • I swam in my pool (note – I swam – not floated. No arms to hold a drink while swimming vs. floating).
  • I went for a walk around the block after work (I work at home)
  • I went for a walk around the block after dinner
  • I did NOT join my husband at the neighborhood bar after work.That sucked, but I’m over it now.
  • I researched new dinner recipes.
  • I named that little gremlin, you know that negotiator that says “just one won’t hurt”. Her name – and she’s not worthy of a real name, but I call her the “puffy bitch”. You know, the one with the fat face, the bloodshot eyes, the red nose, the gray skin. What a bitch. She’s sneaky. I don’t like her. She’s mean. She steals my memory. She steals my kindness, my patience, my appreciation for life and loved ones. Like I said, she’s a bitch. Have I told you how I really feel about her?

I replaced my drinks:

  • N/A beers in the home fridge, and while out at restaurants/bars. Yes, I’m a beer snob, and they suck, but it makes it easy to stick to one then switch – by then the uncomfortable feelings have passed.
  • I discovered Komuchu Ginger-ade. It has a kick. I put it in a wine glass with sparkling soda, or in a frosty beer mug straight up. Wish they had this at bars.
  • Insider tip – Invest in K-Cups. I used to drink 2 cups a day. Now, I’ve stopped counting. I guess that’s my next challenge to cut down.
  • I drink more water. Loaded the “Daily Water” app. Makes a gulping sound when you click on the glass. Corny, but it makes me want to get my waters in.
  • I found a great seafood bar that serves N/A wine. “Fre”. It also sucks, but it’s the whole ambiance of wine with food. It works. Easy to only have one.
  • I have made a list of over a dozen things I want to try – now that I don’t have to plan around – I can’t do that/drive there – it will interfere with my drinking.

This post was contributed by MM Forum’s Melinda

3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Getting Through 31 Days Without Drinking

  1. Nils

    Some great alternatives there, Melinda, and I love that you changed your schedule to extend your time for healthy activities. Having extra time on one’s hands is something people don’t always anticipate when abstaining or moderating and it’s such a good idea to plan ahead for positive ways to fill it.

  2. Valerie LaBelle

    I know that “Puffy Bitch” I know her well and frankly I don’t like her either.


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