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Day 32 – Ready For The Rest Of 2017?

Inspirational Song of the Day: Eminem – Not Afraid


It’s been a while.
Most of you have been or will soon be returning to a life that contains alcohol.
In the past thirty one days, the contributing authors of Dryuary have done their level best to try to give you good tools, concepts, and strength for the year to come. Our Dryuary 2017 event has now ended, although the rest of the year, and accompanying challenges, lie before you.

We will still be here.
These posts are not going away until this fall, when we will prepare the site again for Dryuary 2018. And even then, this year’s event will be archived and will always be available on our Dryuary section of our sponsor’s website, If you need a refresher or just want to revisit a favorite post, they will be here for you for many years to come.

Your financial contribution is appreciated, and important.
Note that Dryuary is a gift from Moderation Management, our sponsor. Moderation Management is primarily supported by their participant members, and your contribution would be sincerely appreciated. If you can give $5, $10, $20 or more to help encourage us for next year’s Dryuary event, we would be very grateful. Your contribution is always respected. Moderation Management is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation so your donation may be tax deductible. (Please check with your accountant or tax professional.) See our PayPal button at the top of every page.

Dryuary is for and about you, our participants.
Please remember – Dryuary is all about YOU. Your continued support and participation make this event possible. We will be preparing a much larger Dryuary for next year, and expect to include more interactive features. Each current subscriber will be notified (by a single email) when Dryuary 2018 is open for registration; after that this year’s mailing list will never be used again.

Seeking more support?
The people at Moderation Management are all lay individuals who seek solutions for their personal issues with alcohol. Every administrator has been there, to the dark places in the night- and came out again, to help others. MM is all about people getting together to help each other find the answers that lie inside us all. All their services are available free of charge. Visit them at

Dryuary – A Good Beginning.
Be careful out there. See you next year.

Dryuary Administrator Kurt S.

Note: Our Sponsor, Moderation Management, invites Dryuary Participants to a Special Event:
“The Dryuary Experience” Discussion (and podcast recording) at 10:30PM Eastern Time on 2/3.
Starting at 10:30PM Eastern Time on Friday, February 3rd, we will invite any interested persons to join with us during the “Inklings” telephone meeting for a public discussion on “The Dryuary Experience“, about this year’s Dryuary event. This discussion will be recorded and (with basic edits) will create a new podcast which can next be found in the Events section of
We ask people interested in participating to consider joining us for the “Inklings” telephone meeting at 10:00 PM – or at least to connect before 10:30, to not interrupt the podcast recording.

The “Inklings” Phone Meeting is held every Friday at 10PM Eastern Time
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Call 1-(641) 715-3580 (Teleconference Service- Long Distance call, Iowa area code)
After Connecting, enter Conference Code: 236-913 and Pound Sign (#)
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