Day 31: Finish Line Ahead

Congratulations! We did it!

The finish line is right up ahead. How was the ride?

If you’ve done the Dryuary ride before, did you visit some of your old favorite places? Did you ride further than you rode in past Dryuary’s?

If this was your first Dryuary, did you lose your fear of falling? We hope so.

Remember back on Day 1? We made a pledge to each other at the beginning of this “bike” ride:

“No one will be left behind!

When you fall, I’ll help you up. And, you will do the same for me.

When you get tired, I’ll slow down and wait for you. And, you will do the same for me.

When you feel like giving up, I will tell you that you’re worth not giving up for. And, you will do the same for me“
It was a privilege to watch all of you keep this pledge to each other every day. This year, through the Dryuary Forum and Dryuary Facebook Group,  we’ve gotten to know more of you than in past Dryuary’s and it has added so much to our own Dryuary experience. Thank you for sharing the ride with us here at Moderation Management (MM).

Some of you are ready to ride off on your own until next Dryuary and we will be so glad to see you again, then. Remember, you can always drop in and say “Hi!” anytime throughout the year.

Many of you are already members of the MM community and we want to thank you most of all for welcoming and supporting the people who join us every year for Dryuary. In your usual caring and non-judgmental way, you made everyone feel right at home. You do MM proud.

For those of you who are worried about leaving the support of the friends you have made here to venture out on your own into 2021, we’re not going anywhere. You’re welcome to hang out with us for as long as you want on the MM forum, MM Listserv, and MM Facebook Group.  You can also jump in on one of our many MM Meetings for some real time company and support.  If you’re worried about your old friend, alcohol, knocking you down and stealing your bike, join us for Kickstart Moderation Winter 2021!  We’ll be talking about making gentle sustainable changes in our relationship with alcohol to maintain our control over alcohol.

Want to keep cruising on the abstinent ride for a while?  Check out our MMAbsers Listserv and the new, but rapidly growing, MMAbsers Facebook group. These guys prove you don’t have to drink to be cool.

Remember, no matter where you go this year or how far away you get, we’re going to be right here, cheering you on!

Thanks to all of you who donated to Dryuary 2021, we’ll be able to get the word out to even more people to join us for the Dryuary 2022 ride! If you haven’t donated and would like to, click the link at the top of this post!

We’ll see you down the road!

Post Submitted By: Mary Reid aka Kary May Hickey

Mary Reid is the Executive Director of Moderation Management and the author of Neighbor Kary May’s Handbook To Happily Drinking Less or Not Drinking At All, Quite Happily: With the help of online recovery community