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Day 30 – Changes Since Day 3

On Day 3, you checked several aspects of your functioning (physical, cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal). Where are you now compared to then in these areas:

  • mood
  • sleep
  • focus
  • impulsivity (over-sharing on Facebook?)
  • tummy
  • allergies
  • eye bags
  • skin
  • interpersonal

If you’re like most people, taking a break improved your well-being in at least one way.
Some are so impressed with the benefits, that they have no desire to start drinking again.

For those of you who would like to indulge in moderate drinking, these tips can help keep alcohol a small, but enjoyable part of life:

  • Track: Users consistently rate tracking their drinks over time as their number one tool. Comparing results over time motivates most of us.
  • Avoid pressing the start button: For some folks, it is easier to not drink at all than to drink a little bit, because alcohol lowers inhibitions. Spacing drinks too close together raises the blood alcohol content past .055%, causing inhibitions to lift – both helpful and unhelpful ones. Well before slurring or stumbling, judgment is impaired, and it gets easier to say yes to another drink. Rationalizations like “I’m out with my friends!” and “They’re playing my favorite dance song!” are much more convincing after a couple of drinks.
  • Find your stop button: Pacing is crucial. There are tips in MM steps of change, along with a drinking diary that is well worth keeping when you first dip your toes back into drinking. Many folks on the forum take it slow using Gary’s Post 30 Thirty.
  • Surf urges: We’ve touched on this before, but again — urges rarely last longer than 30 minutes. If you can “surf” the urge – observe it without acting – you can usually ride it out.
    Congratulations on the investment you have made in yourself.

Remember:  There are many shades of gray between abstinence and moderate drinking. You can be mostly abstinent (e.g., drink less than one drink per week) — only on special occasions and/or in very small quantities). There is also cyclical abstinence, where you do these breaks every few months or so, to keep yourself from slipping into bad habits.  Experiments like Dryuary help you find the path that gives you the best quality of life.

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