Day 27: Support Options

“Though this universe I own, I possess not a thing, for I cannot know the unknown if to the known I cling.” – Robert Fisher, The Knight in Rusty Armor

In our journey to self-regulation, and especially after 2020, we can sometimes feel like we are living inside of crazy. While swinging from the metaphorical chandelier, alcohol can be an effective solution to whatever the current problem is. Unfortunately, it comes with a price.

The nature of alcohol is to get you hooked and keep you there. It assumes a life of its own – Yours. Over time it ceases to be all “fun and games” as it begins to change you. It makes you say things without filters, do things without discretion, and regret what you can’t remember the next day. It causes you to look at your phone to recall the events of the previous night and discuss topics with friends and family who have already heard it last night. It can leave a wake of destruction behind it like an F5 tornado. That is true crazy.

I had a client once who received a surprise letter from the courts asking her to appear on a particular date for a list of charges she had no recollection of. She quickly set about investigating the charges. She went to the police dept and got a copy of the police report which led her to the hospital to get a copy of her medical records from that night over a week ago. She discovered that after drinking, blacking out, abandoning her car, and falling on the ice, she broke her ankle and was taken to the hospital, her car was impounded for being left behind. Somehow, she got home and awoke in her bed and could not recall anything at all. She passed the week and noticed having a sore ankle but couldn’t remember how it happened. The letter was a wake-up call.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case. All over the world this story repeats itself, and very few people grasp the message to reduce or eliminate drinking from their lives. Fewer still find the support they need to make the changes thinking “its not so bad. I can handle this.” Its not well known that there are alternatives to living the insane path or going to sober groups. There is another choice. There is an alternative solution. There are a lot of things you can do without having extreme all-or-nothing thinking. 

There is moderation. There are skills, lots of them to be learned. There are medications that can help and methods like TSM (The Sinclair Method) that are proven strategies that make taking back your life or starting a new one far easier.

You don’t have to swing from a Chandelier. You don’t have to feel crazy or hijacked or surprised by wild letters. You don’t have to rifle through your phone to figure out what happened last night. You don’t have to worry about a surprise letter showing up at your door. It all has to do with taking a risk and trying something new. It has to do with being brave and letting go of the known to ultimately find passion, possibility, wellness and the universe waiting at your fingertips. Life is an adventure. Pursue your dreams instead.

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Post Submitted By: Michele Perron, PhD, LADC, CCSAC, ICADC, CAPP

Michele is a private TSM Coach and Clinical Supervisor. She has been in the field at all levels of care for over 13 years. She is the author of “Tools for Life.” 
Suggested NA Beverage: Hot Milk