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Day 26 – Sometimes Dryuary Hurts

Inspirational Song of the Day: Rachel Platten – Fight Song

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”
– Khalil Gibran

Why do a Dryuary? Why go 31 days? Why put ourselves through what is sometimes an excruciatingly stressful experience? Can’t we just keep trying, and keep trying again to moderate? Sometimes, maybe even most times, we are successful. What’s the big deal? Why do we set out on this sometimes brutal journey of one whole month without alcohol? What do we gain?

During a 31 day period there will be at least one super snazzy occasion where an ice cold martini would be just perfect, one to-die-for dinner that just begs for a glass of exceptional red, one argument that just sends you over the top, one glorious day of freedom alone with no commitments, one day that you are so bored out of your gourd that every minute lasts an hour, and one conversation that will set your teeth on edge. Guaranteed. Just read these posts by a group who did a group ‘30 days’ back in 2002. What’s amazing, but shouldn’t be, is that their posts sound an awful lot like our posts today, some 14 years later.

So, why do we do it?

You already know the answer. We do it because we want something better, and often the only way to grow is through stress and even pain.

Consider the lobster. Do you know how a lobster grows? It has a nice, comfy, really protective shell of a home to live in. Pretty nifty! Except the only way the lobster can grow is to discard that cool little shell and grow a new one. In fact, the lobster sheds and grows a new shell about 25 times in the first 5-7 years of life, and continues to grow for the rest of its life. It sheds its old shell, leaving it vulnerable to predators during the time it takes to grow that new one. Yikes, sounds a little intense! But it’s the only way that little guy can grow, and maybe the lobster can teach us a thing or two. Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski explains it really well here.

One of the main reasons we do 31 days and not a 20 is because in 31 days we are more likely to have the opportunity to experience all the situations and triggers listed above, to place ourselves in stressful situations, opening ourselves to predators (you know what I’m talking about) and learn how to deal with all of them without resorting to our little old shell, alcohol.

So, little lobster friends, almost all the way through our Dryuary. Maybe it has been mostly smooth sailing, in which case, good for you…seriously! You’ve given your body and spirit a nice break and you will be better off for it.

And maybe you have hit a few, or even more than a few, big ole bumps in the road, in which case, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE JUST WON A BRRRRAAAANNNNDDD NEWWWW SHELLLLLL!!!!

Submitted by MM member HorseLover