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Day 22 – Support After Resuming Drinking

Inspirational Song of the Day: Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush – Don’t Give Up

As you enter the home stretch of your Dryuary, it’s time to plan for how you will resume drinking. If you’re a bit worried about how you’ll keep feeling good after you start drinking again, it’s good to know there is support out there should you slip and need help with your course correction. Yolanda explains how Moderation Management (MM) worked for her:

I began my journey to moderation 5 years ago when I found MM after having a terrible hang over. That evening I went to my first AA meeting and realized it wasn’t for me. The next day I found MM with a Google search. Boy was I lucky to find such a supportive nonjudgmental group.. When I began,I was a daily drinker and easily put away 3-4 drinks a night, sometimes the entire wine bottle. I never once thought of counting drinks because I thought the entire reason to drink was to get a good buzz and, of course, that lead to black outs and hangovers. Counting drinks and staying within the 3 limit for females wasn’t too difficult; stopping daily drinking was the real challenge and I did try to stay within the guidelines. I began being abstinent 2 days a week. After I mastered that, I went to 3 days a week. I didn’t have any liquor in the house except for what we would immediately consume that day. I bought the little airline bottles of liquor to mix my drinks. I white-knuckled it till the next drinking day. After my second year, I decided I wanted to cut down more and abstained 4 days a week and could comfortably have liquor in the house without it tempting me too much. I’m proud to say that I haven’t gotten drunk or had a hang over in 5 years. Now I am the self proclaimed ‘Duchess of Deuce’ because I can stop at 2 quite easily. I’ve had this goal for several years and never stopped trying to reach it. I never gave up on myself. Counting drinks on *ABSTAR* and posting often help me tremendously. I so appreciate the MM community for helping me become a better person.

Kim SB gives her take:

I recently went on a trip to New York City. Not only was I so excited about taking in all the sights, but I was also very excited about going to my first face-to-face meeting. I live in a rural area and cannot regularly attend face-to-face meetings at this time. It was exciting to see the face of someone that I’ve only had phone conversations with during the Inklings meeting calls on Friday night.

Whether you have been with Moderation Management a long time or you’re new to the program, there is always a different avenue in gaining support from your fellow MM members. There are live chats on Mon & Wed nights, Tues & Friday night phone conferences, and face-to-face meetings in most major cities.

You don’t necessarily have to go “live” to gain MM support either. There’s the Forum, the email Listserv, or read testimonials (at or in Responsible Drinking) or the Steps of Change PDF on the website. There are so many options to take.

*Ask yourself which tools of communication work best for you and make note of the two most important ones for you.*

Even if you’re an introvert like me, you know that there is a power in communication. We all share the same concern and are in a judgment free zone and are able to take advantage of it as much as we want. Everyone feels better when you find someone else going through the same situations you are.
So, listen to the inspirational song of the day and whenever you get that doubtful voice in your head, that may sound like Peter Gabriel in the song, don’t give up; think of all the MM community as Kate Bush’s voice with words of encouragement. We are all here to cheer you on and help you with your relationship with alcohol, but moreover your happiness in life. We’re all only a meeting… phone call… a communication away from being there.

This post was contributed by MM Forum’s Yolanda and Inklings’ Kim