Day 21: Spiritual Solutions

“I was talking to a wise young women about relationships, and she made a statement that I’ve never forgotten: I try to make sure that in all of my important relationships there is an even exchange of energy.”
– Sue Patton Thoele, The Book of Spirit

The young woman’s philosophy struck at the very heart of an issue I was wrestling with. But this relationship was not with another person, this issue was with my relationship with alcohol.

It has been said that every problem is mental and every solution is spiritual. An Invocation is an appeal; to summon the help from a Higher Power, a request to something not of this world.

Searching for spiritual solutions when we feel stressed, overwhelmed or inadequate and not knowing what to do can be an option. Not knowing what to do regarding my problem drinking, my thoughts went to my deceased Father. My Father had to quit drinking alcohol because of a health issue of pancreatitis. This was many years ago when support like Moderation Management, computers and the internet were not in existence. Yet, he prevailed, so I asked him: “Dad! How did you do it? You had no support and now I’m seeing how hard this can be. I’m trying, really trying. The nightly call to alcohol is too hard to resist.”

I had an abnormal blood test for the first time in my life at 52, my nightly drinking was catching up with me. This was enough to scare me into taking some steps towards reducing my alcohol consumption. I discovered Moderation Management through an article in Reader’s Digest and started reading daily on the website. I found a Moderation-Friendly Therapist and made my first appointment. I needed something that would just click and stick and work for me. This would be the first time I ever talked to someone about my relationship with alcohol and how much I drink. How would I have the courage to confront this shameful topic? My drinking was the subject that I had kept hidden in the closet, too ashamed to talk about out loud. Who did I think I was fooling?

My first appointment with my therapist was on January 16th, I was determined to give this my best shot. I committed to not drinking for 2 weeks and succeeded. My therapist gave me a self-monitoring log and I was told to track my triggers and urges. If I did drink, I was to log how many drinks I had and the circumstances that led up to drinking.

In February, still struggling and wrestling with the dilemma in my own head I decided to tell my husband. And, so I did. One morning having coffee on the patio, I told him that I have a drinking problem and how I was ashamed of myself for drinking to the point of ruining my health, I broke down in tears, real gut-wrenching sobs.

Then, just at that moment I looked up and saw a Bald Eagle flying high in the sky straight on a path towards me. I looked up, stunned! Is that a Bald Eagle? Surely it was, and I watched it as it flew over the lake in my backyard. First flying to a tree and perching there. Then, the Eagle (I named him Spirit) started hunting on the lake. I watched Spirit for a good 20 minutes, entranced in the beauty and grace of this magnificent creature. I realized that my focus had shifted from helplessness, sorrow and pain to the wonder and glory of seeing this beautiful animal the Bald Eagle.

My focus shifted just like that! Later that day I had the thought that my dad had sent the Bald Eagle just at the right moment to send me a spiritual message. When I looked up Bald Eagle Spirit Animal, I found the following: “Messenger from Heaven, sign of courage and freedom. New beginning, power and success” and also “Wisdom to see from a broader perspective. To see from the Heavens above the whole picture. Fortitude in adversity.” My husband told me that it was my dad who sent me Spirit, the Bald Eagle, without me saying a word. I also had been reading Sue Patton Thoele’s Book of Spirit, and that night the page I turned to was “Waiting in the Wings” about asking for help and invoking the powers of our ancestors before us who have passed.

I started getting all kinds of signs that were spot-on for the day and that kept me on track. One day in the car, I was listening to the radio and “Run that Body Down” from Paul Simon came on the radio. Another important “Tool” was reading the Dryuary Posts from that year and also the previous years. Thought provoking posts that made sense and I could really relate to. I realized am not alone on this journey.

I did my first “30” in March of that year and I kept thinking of the Bald Eagle “Spirit” and I kept my mind open to signs and opportunities to stay on the right track. I visualized myself as the Bald Eagle flying high in the sky, looking down at the earth and seeing the whole picture: the Oceans, Forests, Rivers, Deserts and the glory of this big wide earth, this thought brought me comfort. I visualized myself crying on my back porch and thinking how small I felt in that moment in relation to the expanse of this entire planet and the beauty and diversity of it. I didn’t feel small anymore, I felt like I was flying high above the earth and I was looking down from the Heavens.

Do you know I see something “Eagle related” almost every day?! An Eagle on the side of a Van, an Eagle statue, an Eagle in a book or magazine, an Eagle meditation on Youtube (great one by Sara Pulman), or an Eagle website: (

When we open our minds and break free of limiting beliefs and habits, we open ourselves up to the energy of the Universe, our Higher Power. It might not happen at first but it will happen if we stay open to it and keep an open mind. Now, I look for signs and messages that will keep me on track and focused and I usually get one every day. I also write in my Journal so I won’t forget what has inspired me for that day.

Here is my Bald Eagle wish for you today: Success Mindset: stands for strength, courage, determination, focus and success. Eagles fly above storms. Eagles have strong vision and focus. Eagles have a “can do” or success attitude. Eagles trust in his own wings or abilities. I hope everyone has an “Eagle Mindset” for today.

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6 thoughts on “Day 21: Spiritual Solutions

  1. Horse Lover

    “It has been said that every problem is mental and every solution is spiritual. ”

    This spoke beautifully to me this morning. When I get the urge to drink, if I stay inside my head, negotiating back and forth, I remain uncomfortable in my own skin. On the other hand, if I get out of my head, and instead feel my spirit, my true nature, my connection to life, then I am strong and true, like the Bald Eagle.

    Thank you for this, Lisatherese!

  2. Rauzo

    Lisatherese, thank you for your post. Dryuary has brought me down to my knees in such a graceful way. I haven’t prayed with such ease in a long time. I’m able to see and thank god for all his blessings. I can focus on the areas in my life that that need my attention and move forward. “It has been said that every problem is mental and every solution is spiritual.” I agree.

  3. lisatherese67

    I hope my post can inspire others to not only look for miracles but look for the inner strength that we all have within ourselves. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own heads, with our conflicts and dilemmas that we can feel paralyzed by our fear. But I believe we are all capable of inner strength that is immeasurable we just need to be reminded that is there, waiting for us to tap into it. For me the image of the Bald Eagle invokes this inner strength. Let’s Fly like an Eagle.

    1. Raul

      Great post! The best one yet for me and I love the reference to the bald eagle and what he stands for, I will use this from now on, and great job on your sobriety.

  4. Kary May Hickey Post author

    I think lisatherese talks of two powers here, that of a Higher Power and that of Honesty.
    I know some people struggle with the idea of a Higher Power being essential to recovery and I respect that but my Higher Power and my faith were not only essential to my recovery they were its birthplace. I was raised with a faith that taught me to be the best person I could be and I knew that drinking was keeping me from doing this. Some people call it guilt, but I call it listening to my inner voice (or soul,) the voice that tells me what is right for me and where I will find my happiness and contentment with myself. For too many years, I listened to others who told me my drinking wasn’t that bad and that my “guilty conscience” needed to be ignored and I was in constant turmoil and unhappiness, finally, when I started listening to “me,” I found my peace.
    The other power she speaks of when she tells her husband about her struggles is Honesty. There is nothing so liberating as being honest and living an honest life. You can’t appreciate it until you experience it. Saying this is who I am, I need your help or support, lightened the load I had been carrying on my own for years.

  5. Jerry Porter

    Thank you Lisatherese(that is one of the most beautiful names I’ve heard).
    “in all of my important relationships there is an even exchange of energy.” WOW, what a refreshing perspective to ponder.

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