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Day 18 – Hard Lesson

Inspirational Song of the Day: Simple Minds – Alive And Kicking

“Focus on the task at hand, focus on that day. Be successful that day.”
– Professor Jeff Price, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Over the years, my drinking became both a daily habit and binges at times. Even though I wasn’t drunk every day and had a feeling I was drinking more than I should at times, I still don’t think I even realized the total number of drinks I had some weeks.

I was drinking well above the MM limits and it finally caught up to me in the form of a binge that led to a blackout (none of which I can remember), including an ambulance ride to the ER.

As I described in the online Abs Chat recently: “I can’t believe how lucky I was to wind up in the ER without a scratch… But I’ll never forget trying to get discharged from the ER – and not being able to understand the paperwork I had to sign. It was like I was a different person, having an out of body experience or something.”

This was right up there with the scariest events of my life and I discovered my drinking could make me a dangerous, obnoxious person that both was me, but wasn’t really me. Or it wasn’t the version of me I knew. I cringe to think of subjecting the emergency responders and ER staff to this “person” I became that night and my ridiculous behavior. My drinking made me become an “emergency,” drawing resources away from other people who needed critical help.

Fast forward to today. With MM’s support, I have 7 months of abstinence and still going strong.
A couple weeks ago, my partner and I were on the way home from a Christmas Party and I was driving. It really meant a lot when she turned to me and said, “I like that you’re sober and can be the one to drive us home tonight. That’s a really nice change this year.”

Submitted by MM Member Marc_R