Day 16: No Regrets!

Enjoy this flashback post from Dryuary 2016!

“It happened this way: I fell in love and then, because the love was ruining everything I cared about, I had to fall out.”
– Caroline Knapp, Drinking: A Love Story

If you are reading this now, you are still in the game, abstaining from alcohol for a brief period of time. I know you are still in the game, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this.

How many January’s have you lived through thus far? Do you remember everyday of every January? Will you remember this day? Do you remember times when you wish you hadn’t had a drink, but you did anyway, and you were not happy with yourself afterwards? Do you wish that you could go back and change it?

You can. Now.

By changing it now, you are in effect lessening the feelings of regret of the past. You can rewrite your emotional history by doing what you wish you had done, now.

Be nice to yourself. All of the thoughts rolling through your mind are only thoughts. They come, they go. Do you remember all of the thoughts that you have had every day in every January in the past? I don’t. Chances are you won’t remember the thoughts you are having now, no matter how powerful they are. They will pass.
When the thought of drinking arises, notice it. Say to it “Hi thought of drinking! I’m busy right now.” And invite it to leave. Then do something else.

Your tomorrow-self will thank you for this. Your tomorrow-self will then have its own thoughts. And your tomorrow-self will remind you of your today-self and how you were able to invite unwanted thoughts to leave, successfully.
And how you were able to continue with your commitment to yourself to abstain from alcohol during a tiny sliver of time in your life.
No matter how difficult it may feel in this moment, you have proof that this moment won’t last and you will only remember it if you really want to. You will only remember it if you give it meaning. It will only be a valuable moment to you if you succeed at doing something that you have committed yourself to do.

If you give into random cravings and rantings of the thoughts in your mind now, how will your tomorrow-self feel? It will feel the same way you do now about regrets in the past. You have the ability to rewrite history, now. For now will soon be history.

So rewrite those regrets, now. Rewrite your reality. Give this one tiny day, this small sliver of time, some valuable meaning that takes you into a new tomorrow. A tomorrow with more possibility. A tomorrow with more self-confidence. A tomorrow where you can say, “Yeah, I did that,” and smile instead of cringe.

Be nice to yourself today. Your tomorrow-self will thank you.

Post Submitted by: Pono Marin