Day 16: Doing Dryuary as a Couple

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

Today’s post comes to us from a previous Dryuary participant, who shares with us what it was like to embark on a one-month break from alcohol with her spouse:
“In January 2020 my husband and I decided to do Dryuary together. We were the every night wine couple. Wine relaxed us and let us chill while watching a movie. Together we decided that our wine drinking was getting a little much. January 1st meant no mimosas for brunch. We looked at all alcohol free options….fortunately we both like sparking water. As we moved thru the month here are the things we both noticed. We both slept better….had more energy…got a lot of things done during the day and evening. On the relationship side of the story….both of us were calmer….no emotional roller coaster. Our marriage is strong but the support we gave each other during that month made it even stronger. This was definitely a journey that we both wanted to experience and it opened many different avenues of conversation….about drinking and our lives. All good things came out of that month.”

Post Submitted By: A. S. Fricke, Moderation Management member and Dryuary 2020 participant
Being in a couple relationship can be hard during Dryuary. If your partner isn’t doing Dryuary with you, you may resent their drinking or it may be too tempting to be around them when they’re drinking. If they’re in it with you and one of you decides to drink, it could de-rail the other. If you are a couple doing Dryuary, tell us how you’re doing and what’s working for you. If you’re finding it a bit of a struggle, check out some of the tips in the article, “Getting Sober In A Relationship” even if you’re plan is to stay dry for only this month.

1. Be Honest with each other.
2. Find support together or separately.
3. Take turns finding new things to do that don’t include drinking.
4. Show each other grace if one of you slips.
5. If you find your relationship more strained when you take alcohol out of the relationship, it may be a good time to get some counseling.

Suggested NA Beverage: Blue Me Away Lemonade