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Day 15 – Just Do It!

“Just do it!” – Olor

Here it is mid-month and perhaps that initial enthusiasm for making a change is beginning to wear off. Sometimes while going through a period of abstinence, there will be a day where it seems that all the tricks and tools available to keep me on track lose their appeal or don’t quite click in a way that makes staying abstinent easy. On those days, I pull out the phrase ‘Just Do It!’ to keep going.

Whatever it takes to get through this day, this hour, or this minute, just don’t pick up that drink! Sometimes I have to do other things that might not seem healthy, like go out to eat, distract myself with TV, or stay busy in some way that might be counter to the oft-cited relaxation, meditation, health or having-it-all together state of mind that we would all like while abstaining. Sometimes it doesn’t go that way. Sometimes that stress is going to hang on. Maybe you’re too tired to exercise or cook. Sometimes you’re just in a bad mood.

So, maybe you’re not at the most zen or peaceful place this day, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get through it without a drink. This is often referred to as ‘white knuckling’ abstinence. Some might call it sheer willpower. That’s ok!

In her book, The Willpower Instinct, author Kelly McGonigal states that “I will” power and “I won’t” power are two sides of the same coin. “I will exercise.” “I won’t drink today.” But there is a third component to willpower that she stresses, and that is ‘the ability to remember what you really want.’ When you embarked on Dryuary you decided that you want to go the month of January without drinking, for all the reasons that prompted you to do this. You may want that drink right now, but what you really want, in the long term, is to achieve the goal you set for yourself.

If you have to ‘white knuckle’ through this day to keep from drinking, think of it as you remembering what that ONE priority is and putting it at the forefront of your mind. The rest of it can take a back seat for now. Perhaps if you get through this day without picking up a drink, tomorrow or the next day or maybe next week you’ll be more apt to get those other aspects of mental and physical health in line with your goals. But for today, Just Do It and stick to your goal of abstaining.

Post submitted by: Astrid