Day 15: #GetOutOfGroundHogDay Challenge

“The Only Limit To Our Realization Of Tomorrow Will Be Our Doubts Of Today.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

#GetOutOfGroundHogDay Challenge

If you’ve ever awakened with regrets ;), you’ll understand how frustrated Phil Connors is when he wakes up on Ground Hog day, just as he did the day before.  The same music wakes him on his clock radio, the same blizzard is coming, the same annoying acquaintance greets him on the street.  Once again, he steps into the same puddle.  It’s almost as if he’s stuck in a rut.  He knows what other people will say before they say it, as if his life has become scripted.  And he undergoes some familiar stages in his growth:

1) he questions his sanity,

2) believing that nothing he does matters, he over-indulges and wreaks havoc like there’s no tomorrow,

3) he tries on various false personas in hopes that he can at least successfully woo the woman he loves,

4) he sees this doesn’t work.  She slaps him on one Groundhog Day after another, in a montage sequence meant to represent the endless depth of his dejection,

5) he surrenders.  He might as well spend some of his repeating day doing what he loves,

6) he begins to trust who he is.  He accepts that he’s not interested in French literature or Rome, but he does love to sculpt ice and play piano.  As he learns to trust who he is he begins to connect authentically with himself and others, 

7) And wakes up without regret to begin a completely new day unlike any before.

Today’s challenge is called #GetOutOfGroundHogDay.   Today, pay attention to what you love and what you love doing, and spend some time doing it, even if just 5 minutes.  Commit to it and share it with others, either through the Dryuary Forum or the private Dryuary Facebook group and tell us more with a few words or photo. No contribution is too small.

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  1. I love golf, it was a little tough playing sober last week. I’m off to golf again today and will embrace what I love to do!

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