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Day 13 – An Eight Year Tradition

This song was shared several years ago, by Colonel Parker if memory serves 🙂 I really like it, and think it gives us a glimpse of what things may look like from our loved ones’ perspective.

“Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’“
– Mary Anne Radmacher

This year marks my eighth dry January. To start off with full disclosure, I did not abstain on Jan. 1, but had New Year toasts with DH, who had the flu and wasn’t up for it New Year’s Eve. However, my Abstar drink counter is set up in gorgeous green for the rest of the month.

I have come to look at January as a valuable reset for me… I’ve mostly been a daily drinker (sometimes moderate, sometimes heading into binging territory) so re-learning how to *not* drink every day is a good, even great, thing! Of course there are times when I think I would like a drink; but then again, there are days when I realize I haven’t even been thinking of it at all.

That was unheard of before I found Moderation Management. I like getting a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed. I like knowing what I did the night before and not having to worry if I was a jerk, or if I forgot to do things that needed to be done. And if I don’t always remember what I was watching on TV, well, at least I know it’s because it wasn’t interesting enough to remember, not because I passed out on the couch.

And I really, really like that the person I sometimes became (who DH and I called the ‘evil twin’) has not been seen around here for a very long time. With a little luck and a lot of perseverance, I hope we never see her again!

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