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Day 13 – It’s A Beautiful World

Inspirational Song of the Day: Colin Hays – What a Beautiful World

In this rather lengthy live version of his song – Colin Hay, ex-lead singer of Men At Work, talks first about how he started drinking too much, why he stopped drinking, and then a couple of silly stories about sharks – then he sings a wonderful song.

One of the later verses is as follows:

“And still this emptiness persists
Perhaps this is as good as it gets
When you’ve given up the drink
And those nasty cigarettes
Now I leave the party early, at least with no regrets
I watch the sun as it comes up, I watch it as it sets
Yes this is as good as it gets”

This verse has some stark but lovely reality in it – yes when you cut down or give up drinking – there are still problems, there can still be an emptiness – it doesn’t solve all of your problems. But you can live your life with fewer regrets – because you’re now experiencing and living your life clean without the haze and cycle of drinking and recovery.

Folks who are reading this at MM are what I like to call “self-identified problem drinkers.” And we’re all trying to get better. Some may find moderation possible and can keep alcohol a “small but enjoyable part of life.” Others like Colin Hay (and me) find it easier just to stop all together. The 31 days of Dryuary gives you a chance to experience with others what your life is like without alcohol. It’s a long enough period there will be times you miss some aspects of it for sure – but also long enough to start seeing some of the benefits in the last two weeks (better sleep, fresher look, better memory, etc.) At the end of the 31 days you might decide to extend it for a while or you might try moderation.

Both are fine options – I did a number of 30s and even a couple of 90s and then tried to moderate. For me after more than three years (I’m very stubborn) I decided that abs was just easier for me to do (it freed up mind space and it was a relief for me not to have to fight it).

Whatever you decide – I hope you appreciate how wonderful and beautiful life can be and what a gift it is that we have. Yes there is often pain, emptiness and heartbreak, but there is also joy, friendship, love and fulfillment. I’m finding my life much better without the fog and complications of overdrinking – and hope you enjoy your 31 January days and find your way to your own “beautiful life and beautiful world.”

Submitted by MM Member Eeyore