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Day 10 – It IS The Wine Talking

Inspirational Song of the Day: “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown!” – Happiness

While on vacation last summer, I saw this plaque – “This May Be The Wine Talking, But I Love Wine.”  Laughed out loud, thought it was funny.  And then I realized it fell squarely into those drinking slogans that I used to love but now irk me.  Pithy little drinking witticisms can be funny, but they also contain dangerous messages that normalize drinking excessively.  Let’s break a few down.

“This May Be The Wine Talking, But I Love Wine”

“Trust me.  You can Dance.”  – Vodka
Dear Vodka, I saw the video. We need to talk.

“Wine Improves With Age, I Improve With Wine”
No, but my slurring and anger mismanagement does.

“You can do it!” – Tequila
I probably shouldn’t be doing things tequila is telling me to do.  Tequila does not have my best interests in mind.  Tequila’s ideas often end with calls for lawyers, guns, and money.

“Someone told me you can make ice cubes out of leftover wine.  I am confused.  What is leftover wine?”
Not only am I not Martha Stewart, I cannot control my drinking.

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy beer and it’s sort of the same thing.”
Nope.  Beer can be an enjoyable beverage, but it ain’t happiness.  Also, I don’t think it shows up in the above song.

“Beer.  Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
If so, whither the hangovers?

“Drinking rum before 10 a.m. makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic.”
Cool! But my lack of boat suggests otherwise.

I recognize also that it is important to have a sense of humor.  Humor is one of my favorite ways of communicating.  But because I’m trying to avoid drinking excessively, for now, my kitchen bulletin board says:

“You can do it!” – Coffee

Any others folks want to share?

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