Can we ask for $5 for Dryuary 2020?
‘A Great Start to the New Year’
We are asking each Dryuary participant for a one-time donation of $5
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Welcome to Dryuary!

Congratulations- You are about to join us for Dryuary 2020! We will be sending emails every day in January to help you stay focused; these messages will also appear here on our website. Your job is to stay focused and resolved. You have just made a great investment in a healthier, more productive you.…

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Dryuary Music Selections

See our Dryuary Playlist at: Day 1 Kalandra – Brave New World Day 2 Eminem – Not Afraid Day 3 Naughty Boy, Mike Posner – Live Before I Die Day 4 Chris Cornell – Redemption Song Day 5 Jimmy Cliff – I Can See Clearly Now Day 6 Barenaked Ladies – Who Needs Sleep Day 7 Kate Wolf – Across the Great…

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Dryuary Links and Resources

MEDIA: Read the Dryuary_2020_Press_Release here! Thousands of people around the world are taking January off from alcohol, and there is no shortage of media stories about it:   Enjoying Dryuary… at the bar. Twin Cities hot spots who make it easy to go alcohol-free For a lot of folks, dry January is still in…

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